News and Blogs and Audio! Oh, my!

My, Auntie Em, how the Web site has transformed and grown! For example, as you can see, LOTS of new news has just gone up and I’m in the process of converting the News Page into a Weblog,…Read more

Bruce recommends these earfuls & eyefuls

This is a new feature from my occasional email newsletter, which goes out to people who have joined my email list. Normally I would not repeat it here, but 1) you get to know more of what you're missing if…Read more

Adventures in Studiopia

I’ve strewn sounds across three far flung recording studios over the past few weeks. Stop one: Ray Korona’s small but well appointed Jersey City studio to record mandolin on two songs for a CD by singer-guitarist Steve SuffetRead more

Riding the Gigorama

Happy autumn!

The night breeze grows cooler (except for on those balmy Indian summer days), the earth more still... and I've been a fast movin', busy performin' singer-songwriter over the past few weeks, with multiple gigasms and oodles of studio…

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Bob Blue, songwriter, teacher & friend

I just received sad news that dear friend Bob Blue died peacefully in his sleep two mornings ago. Despite increasingly debilitating effects of MS over more than two decades, Bob was rarely too tired to give to family, friends, school…

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Welcome to the new Web site!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm very happy to get this Web site off the ground. There will be a lot of exciting things to share with you over the coming months (and beyond) so please come back often.
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