Bruce on air

My featured TV concert/interview on Songs of Freedom runs tomorrow at 8 p.m. Check here for locations.
Joel Landy says, "Bruce Markow is a friend, fellow pilgrim and musical spirit. He is also a talented songwriter and performer. I…Read more

Bruce on the Radio

Happy New Year! May your 2007 be healthy, peaceful, fulfilling and everything you truly want it to be in your heart of hearts.
I took an end of year vacation in my old haunts in the Western Massachusetts Berkshire…Read more

Bruce on the Tube (and LCD)

I forgot how freezing-cold studio TV production houses are usually kept until this past Tuesday! It had been a few years since my last experience. The first cold snap has just hit New York and I’m feeling it. Veteran “…Read more

Up Up and Away!

The Prayer for Peace Balloon launch was a hoot. After a surprisingly fascinating dinner-presentation from the folks at Hand Papermaking magazine -- including one inspired speaker who hushed the room by exploring the variations of sounds made by different fibered…

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When is news not News?

When it's a Blog. And it's up, as of today! So, yes, it is still "News" -- and it's now interactive. "Welcome to the Blog. May you use it with ease and in good health." (Sacred Geeklander Blessing)

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Eleven reasons to join the Email List

1-6 • Early notice of, for example, these last six News items in your inbox. (OK, so maybe that’s pushing it for six reasons –- after all, they all went out in one “occasional” newsletter.)

7 • Exclusive merchandise offers…

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What's around the bend?

The next month features several more peace directed shows, from backing the Brooklyn Women's Chorus in support of Kenya's Umoja Village to kickin' out the jams at the first Dissident Folk Festival to playing at Brooklyn's renowned Peace Fair (with…Read more

The CD & other cool recording projects

A few days ago I completed and began distributing a demo CD-EP, called Demolicious 4, of interim mixes of “Enough”, Let’s Be Honest”, “Prayer for Peace” and “Shine a Little Light”. Email at info(at)brucemarkow(dot)com to purchase for $8 plus…Read more